Biography of Phaedra Kwant

Born on the 11th of januari 1979 Phaedra Kwant grew up in Rozendaal, a small town in the east part of Holland. During her infancy already Phaedra sang and played the piano. Her first songs she wrote at the age of six when she got her first lessons in music. Eight years old she chose to play the cello, which at the age of twelve she exchanged for the E-bass. From that moment on she played in several bands and was invited for different musical projects. As a pianoplayer, singer, drummer, but mostly as a bass-player. She also developed herself by writing popsongs, in Dutch as well as in English. It became clear to her that music was the passion of her life and that the only thing she wanted was to become a professional musician.

After grammarschool she studied E-bass and Double-bass at the Amsterdam Conservatory with several teachers, for instance Theo de Jong, Lené te Voortwis, David de Marez Oyens, Charly Angenois, Jan Hollestelle, Ruud Ouwehand, Michiel Borstlap and Rob Madna. She also attended lessons and workshops given by international jazzgiants like Jimmy Haslip, Victor Bailey, Richard Bona, Michel Hatzigeorgio en Christian McBride. Phaedra graduated in june 2002 and was permitted to the Masters-Education. During that time she developped her skills as a bassplayer, but also as a singer and a composer. Her teachers were, amongst others, the vocalist Setske Mostaert and the composer Martin Fondse. In 2004 she graduated "cum laude" and so she became the first female Master of Music on E-bass in Holland.

During all these years Phaedra has been playing in all kinds of bands, in all kinds of styles like jazz, pop, Brasilian and on all sorts of stages. She also wrote lyrics and music for many different artists in all these styles. She worked with famous musicians like Deborah Brown, Edwin Rutten, Alessandro Safina, Ronald Douglas, Hans Dulfer, Candy Dulfer and Saskia Laroo. And famous Dutch artists like Claudia de Breij, Veldhuis & Kemper, Liesbeth List and Girls Wanna Have Fun.
And last but not least she combines all her skills when she playes and sings her own music with her own band. Then she really is "Phaedra Kwant".

Phaedra is a busy woman these days; working as an bassguitar- and double bassplayer, singer, composer, teacher, studiomusician and lyricist. She played abroad in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Senegal, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland and Austria. Nowadays Phaedra earned her place in the jazzscene, releasing her first jazzrecord ''Too Much In Store' in January 2009 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Japan. She promotes this album in Japan, doing 11 concerts in Tokyo in December 2008.

Phaedra is a great bass player (both on upright and electric), playing with amazing virtuoso skills but always tastefully and where asked for "in the pocket". She beautifully sings and scats, clearly expressing a broad range of emotions in a very subtle and intimate way. For the recording, containing her own compositions and some jazz standards, Phaedra was able to gather a group of outstanding musicians. This self-produced album (I hope many more will follow soon), although versatile in styles, has a warm and very pleasant overall sound. To me Phaedra definitely is a rising star in the jazz and pop world! oSaskia Laroo - international trumpet player

For years I've been considering Phaedra one of the most talented and swinging cats on the scene. Composing, singing, playing bass and scatting, with her own unique signature. Besides that, she's a great colleague. oEdwin Rutten - jazzsinger / actor

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of playing with a young and gifted lady bassplayer named Phaedra. She really surprised me. Not only she has a good sound and perfect timing but she also has the guts, ambition, diversity and virtuosity to become an international star in the near future. For me it is clear: this lady is gonna make it! Hans Dulfer - musician/producer